Home & Smart Devices

TV Aerial & Satellite Specialists

Wireless and Wired Networks

Smart Security & CCTV Installation

Mobile Control

Roam your home

Full control in the palm of your hand,

With our systems everything can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or computer meaning your devices can be turned into a customised remote control for your property. 

Voice Control

Hey Siri, Google, Alexa

Voice control is highly desired

Whether its the Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple homeKit we can adapt them to your home automation system.

From a single light switch to setting a whole scene, adjusting your heating or even closing your curtains it can all be available at the ask of a question.

Advanced Lighting

Technology Lighting

Create the perfect scene for your mood with a fully customisable lighting system that can be programmed to change level at certain times,  or just turned on and off locally via a touch and remotely via your smart phone or tablet.

You can save custom lighting scenes for different occasions like parties, movie nights or just going to bed.

Shading & Curtains

Smart Privacy

Your curtains and blinds can be completely controlled by your in wall touchpad or smart device.

They can also be automated via timers, sensors or for example you could have them open or close at sunrise and sundown whatever your reason or need we can cater to you.

Heating & Cooling

Warm in winter

Almost all heating, air conditioning and ventilation products can be adapted into your home automation system.

Creating different zones throughout your property into separate manageable area with give you the full comfort control and flexibility you want all controlled from you unwell touchpad or remotely from your smart phone or tablet.